The SSB Axe

The S.S.B. Axe

Introducing the S.S.B. Axe, a true preserver of the past. When you think of fire, the first thing that comes to mind is destruction, not preservation. Leave it to the Japanese to utilize it in a totally different form. Japan started using the scorching technique (shou sugi ban) in the 18th century to preserve and fortify wood. Fast forward to today, and this technique has finally entered the northern market. Although the market is very slim, Best Made has tapped into this with their latest SSB Axe addition. Made from straight-grain Appalachian hickory, the handles are surface-scorched, brushed and oiled by hand creating a polished and durable finish. The head is American made, drop-forged 5160 alloy steel and comes with a limited edition black leather blade guard. Available in extremely limited numbers.

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The SSB Axe The SSB Axe