Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour LumberJac

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

Go above and beyond true-life experiences with the Banff Mountain Film World Tour. It wouldn’t be another start to a good year without witnessing world adventure through the eyes some of today’s most epic modern day adventurers. The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour is a must see and has become an annual tradition for us. This year, we were able to see 8 amazing films ranging from Ice Call – Backyards Project – Sam Favre, a total fresh vibe on free skiing, to Stumped, an amazing rock climber. The night then took us into Twin Galaxies, a totally engulfing experience through the eyes of 3 kayakers in the expanse of Greenland. Another fav of ours was Intersection. This short film follows Micayla Gatto, an artist and athlete, riding through a beautifully created masterpiece where the scenery blends reality and art. Together with some other awe inspiring shorts, the show left us wanting more and more and more. If you’re lucky enough to have this event passing through your town, don’t miss it. It will leave you hanging on your seat and itching to get your next adventure started.

Check out the Banff Centre for locations closest to you.