Baladeo 52 gram Cutlery Set

Baladeo Cutlery Set

The Baladeo 52 gram Cutlery Set is a must for any outdoors-man. We can’t stand plastic cutlery that winces at the sight of a juicy camp steak, or that mismatched ancient cutlery set retired from the kitchen. Finally, one multifunctional tool that can handle the kitchen duties of any adventure. This functional cutlery set is simply stunning. It weighs in at 52grams, so lite that you’d almost forget you’ve packed it. Baladeo have designed this set using martensitic grade 420 stainless steel that gives this blades hardness and impressive toughness, leaving your wood-whittling projects in good hands. The handle is encased in a red translucent polycarbonate, which is one tough material that handles all extremes including temperature or accidental impacts. Get your hands on one here.