Top-Felt House Shoe

Top Felt Slippers

The Top-Felt House Shoe is the perfect year round slipper, warm in the winter, cool in the summer. Living in a house with very little carpet, I rely on a good pair of slipper to keep me warm during those cold winter months. Top-Felt has created a simple, yet well thought-out pair of house shoes that are made from 100% industrial wool felt in a small, sustainable facility in Brooklyn, USA. What I find most interesting about these house shoes is the attention to detail. Created with zero arch, heel, and zero cushioning, Top-Felt believes that the user should feel the ground, similar to the barefoot running movement that has gained momentum over the last few years. As a runner myself, and prone to injury, I’ll be curious to see how my “temperamental” feet respond to the design. If they perform as good as they look, I’ll be hooked. Get yours here.