Mogado HI Pullup by Oliberte

Magado HI Pullup by Oliberte

When I think of Moccasin’s, cold arctic climates come to mind. Well think again. The Mogado HI Pullup by Oliberte are a classic, yet modern approach to the moccasin. There is one catch, they are solely manufactured in Africa! Not many times you can say that. The Mogado initially caught our eye for its great design, but look no further, and the quality is on equal playing ground. This Canadian company, currently operating in Liberia, Kenya, and Ethiopia, has invested in ethical employment practices that are often not the norm in many factory environments in developing countries. For example, women compromise 50% of the Mogado workforce in different levels of employment including management. Mogado has also incorporated some respectable environmental practices, such as using natural crepe sourced directly from rubber trees. In a growing global environment where affordability often trumps responsible practices, we’re happy that Mogado has demonstrated that you CAN have your cake, and eat it too. Pick up a pair here.