Visconti Aristide Tray Series

Visconti Aristide Tray by ibride

ibride combines a little bit of kooky with a whole lot of nostalgia in their Visconti Aristide Tray Series. Edgar and Irna displayed above are a great starting point for ibride’s wonderful collection. These lifelike characters are as believable as the previous portraits they are based off of. Every portrait is meticulous. Being an artist, let me tell ya, it’s not easy melding 2 forms, making them look as if they are one unified piece.  These pieces are fabulous. Rembrandt would be proud, or would he? I know I would be proud to own one of these 2 Baroque and Rococo inspired cat portraits. One thing is fur-sure, you can bet that these made-in-France portraits will inspire conversations for time to come. Get em here.