Mountain Men Figurines

Mountain Men

Rekindle your love of figurines and politics with Mountain Men Figurines. Ever since my childhood I’ve had a thing for figurines, there is something appealing and nostalgic that keeps on bringing me back to them. The Mountain Men Collection by Mountain Research is a great figurine collection with a cheeky political twist. Ever wonder what Chairman Mao would look like chilling in a sleeping bag? Does Lenin ever put a book down on a camping trip? Do owls nest in Karl Marx’s mountain beard?  Find out with this cheeky collection that includes hiking accessories and outdoor sleeping gear. I love the fact that Mountain Research has a great sense of humor and have clearly put a lot of time, effort, and thought into this 100% polyurethane set. The Mountain Men Collection by Mountain Research will provide you with the ultimate office conversation piece, and if you’re co-workers don’t appreciate the tongue-in-cheek humor, they either failed social studies, or have a stunted sense of humor! Get em here.