Diverter Wetsuit


Introducing the new Diverter Wetsuit, the first shark deterrent wetsuit. There is risk in any sport, but there is nothing more intimating than the thought of being ripped into by a shark. Radiator is one of the first to incorporate SAMS (Shark Attack Mitigation Systems) into the design of their wetsuits. SAMS has applied evidence that stripe patterns act as a deterrent or repellent to sharks. Backed by scientific principles, the Diverter surf range (which comes in either a wetsuit or sticker that employees very specific contrasting colours, shapes, and dimensions) work together for maximum effect. In theory it sounds great, but I guess no one will know until you slip this baby on and test it out. Hopefully it works as promised, or if not you’ll at least go down rocking this vintage looking suit. Pre-order yours here.