Boker Plus Mini Slik Knife

Boker Plus Mini Slik

Introducing the new Boker Plus Mini Slik knife, a knife designed for the future task. When it comes to knifes, Boker has been at it for over 150 years, so when they decided to release a new knife, you can be guaranteed it’s going to be good. The Mini Slik by Rob Amsler has a unique look, and would be right at home adorning Deckads belt in Blade Runner. The Mini Slik has been purposely designed with a neck for maximum versatility which features a Tanto style blade, ready for everyday cutting chores or tactical needs. The blade is manufactured using 440C Stainless steel which wonderfully compliments the titanium handle. If you need a knife that can handle everyday brute tasks just as easily as slicing and dicing that camp meal, the Mini Slik is your blade. Get em here.