DZR Marco SPD Polo Shoe

DZR Marco Polo Shoe

Feast your eyes on the all new DZR Marco SPD Polo Shoe. With 20 years of riding experience I’ve never scene a bike polo match, but when I saw what DZR had done with their new Marco polo shoes, I had to check out a few vids. DZR was one of the originators of the clipless sneaker making them the perfect fit for a polo specific shoe. The Marco features strong lateral protection, a fiberglass filled nylon shank with a double stitched outsole, and a form fit molded heel cup all surrounded by full grain leather. If you ask me, these shoes scream to be pushed to the limits,  and would probably be just as comfortable going mock twenty on a downhill as they are going left and right on the polo course. They’re now available, so check DZR’s site to get your hands on some.