Ducati SS750 Italian Sniper

Ducati SS750 Italian Sniper by Maria Riding Company - LumberJac

Leave it to the Maria Riding Company to completely overhaul a Ducati SS750 to strip it from its 90’s cheese. Not a small task by any means, but the old school street racing soul was destined to be revealed. All the fiber glass panels were removed along with the clutch cover and transmission thong protection to showcase the bike’s true beauty. The rear frame was shortened and modified along with the gas tank and the simplified single seat. The old engine was swapped out for a more powerful SS900, and all the wiring was hidden from sight. Refurbished suspension, complete polish, and new coat of paint were the final touches to this Italian Sniper.

Check out the boys at the Maria Riding Company and their custom creations.

Ducati SS750 Italian Sniper detail by Maria Riding Company - LumberJac