Handmade Hella Slingshot

Handmade Hella Slingshot - LumberJac

Take aim with a handmade Hella Slingshot. These sling shots are the real deal, individually handmade from carefully selected forked tree branches, then hand painted to perfection. Unlike the ones I made growing up, these actually work with some good distance. Each slingshot is a one-of-a-kind, but comes standard with natural latex tubing and a leather projective pouch. You’ve probably given away your collection of marbles decades ago, so you’ll definitely need to load up on the optional acorn ammo. I’m sure the acorns won’t be as precise as those perfectly round Cat-eyes, but they’ll do the trick.

The Hella Slingshots are available on Amazon and don’t forget to get a couple rounds of acorns.