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Introducing the Newport shirt, it’s ready for whatever work you throw at it. As with most shirts, it’s annoying when you put it on and feel like it’s 20 degrees hotter. The Newport shirt by Outerboro combines two totally unique fabrics that help to alleviate this oven effect. The first is a durable and super elegant Nylon fabric that is treated with a nanotech finish giving you the upper had against obtrusive stains. Second, they have combined this with a very cool moisture wicking Polygiene odor control technology that utilizes comfort stretch, keeping it light and free when the heat is on. Although we’ve had the coldest winter in 30 years here in lumberville, we know once summer hits we’re going to need a shirt that can keep up with bike commuting, spilled coffee, crammed transit, and everything else life throws at us.

Pre-order yours in three different color options at Outerboro’s online store.

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