Brick Sofa by KiBiSi

Brick Sofa by kibisi - LumberJac

The Brick Sofa by KiBiSi spins classic mortar and brick architectural form. Being a fan of architecture, it’s nice to see designers gather influence from mundane items. The Brick Sofa is as apparent as they come. It utilizes classic brick laying form as the overall structure thus creating a perfectly proportional sofa. To top it off, the cushions are tied together and fixed with a tailored button. The button, one of our favorite features, is molded from fiber concrete with a fabulous 6mm blue polyester rope. Everything about this couch leads back to its architecture roots giving it a pure and simple ever-lasting quality.

Available in 3 sizes (armchair, 2-Seater and 3-seater), pick yours up at Versus online store.

Brick Sofa by kibisi front - LumbeJac

Brick Sofa by kibisi top - LumberJac

Brick Sofa by kibisi back - LumberJac

Brick Sofa by kibisi detail - LumberJac