M42 Korean War Ambulance


The M42 Korean War Ambulance is your backcountry savior. This is the one machine I’d want to save my bacon if I was injured far from civilization. The M42 is restored by the masters at Legacy Power Wagon who know a thing or two about building monster 4 x 4’s. Not only do these guys build killer machines, they have an impressive commitment to the environment. Under the M42 hood you’ll find a 3.9 L Cummins Turbo-Diesel on a 5-Speed Manual, Atlas Transfercase, front disc brakes; and for convenience, air conditioning. Don’t expect the latest touch screen controls or audio system, the interior is pretty much identical to the original M42, designed and made to be war proof.

For 72K the M42 Ambulance can be yours, find out more at Legacy Power Wagon’s site