Kai and Sunny Custom Decks

Introducing the My Eye On You skate deck set by Kai and Sunny. UK based artist duo Kai and Sunny have collaborated with Colette and Element Skateboards to bring their new My Eye On You exhibition to life with this set of stunning skate decks. Known for highly-detailed and nature inspired work, Kai and Sunny continue this trend with their geometric interpretation of Wind, Water, Fire and Earth. The original art work is created using coloured archival ballpoint pens, building layer upon layer to create a complex pattern that is both dizzying and captivating. Not sure if these decks will ever see pavement, but rather remain locked-up, hanging with a collection of other custom decks.

Available directly from Kai and Sunny or through Colette.

Kai and Sunny Custom Skateboard DecksKai and Sunny Custom Skateboard Decks