Modbox Mid-Century Mailbox

Modbox Mid-Century Mailbox 1 - LumberJac

Step back to the mid-century with the Modbox Mailbox. Finding a well designed mailbox is no easy task, and finding a mid-century box is literally impossible. With the massive decline in physical mail delivery, the mailbox is becoming more of an art piece and extension of your design aesthetic than a functional house accessory. The team at Modbox went to great lengths to search old patents and vintage catalogs to find the perfect inspiration for their mailbox. The result is nothing short of mid-century perfection. Not only does it look and function like it’s straight out of the 50’s-60’s, it’s manufactured using the same materials and processes from that period including 20 gauge cold rolled steel (75% thicker than anything else on the market). The Modbox will be available in ten different powder coated color combinations and optional mailbox house numbers. Thanks Modbox for taking the initiative to fill this massive gap in the market.

Pre-order your Modbox here.

Modbox Mid-Century Mailbox 4 - LumberJac

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