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Grably Vinyl No15 Beard Comb

Grably-Vinyl-No15-Beard-Comb-1 - LumberJac

Stay groomed with the Grably Vinyl No15 Beard Comb. In a market full of virgin plastic combs it’s refreshing to see another innovative approach to utilizing all that old vinyl. The No15 Comb has been designed to utilize the thicker part of the vinyl to increase teeth length and width. Vinyl is also naturally flexible so this comb will have a little give unlike stamped steel combs. As you remember growing up, vinyl isn’t indestructible so you may wanna pick-up a few as you’re bound to have a few unforeseen broken teeth. Each comb measures about 4″ x 1.5″, and are only available in black.

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Grably-Vinyl-No15-Beard-Comb-2 - LumberJacGrably-Vinyl-No15-Beard-Comb-3 - LumberJac