Roam Headphones

Personalize your audio experience through Roam Headphones. Roam has evolved the headphone space which has remained pretty much unchanged since its inception. You may have (limited) control over your device’s music experience, but music is just the tip of the iceberg on how we use our portable devices. Enter Roam, the fully customizable headphone set that gives you full control over your audio preferences for your music and every other audio interaction you have with your device. I can’t remember how many times I wished I had the Roam while watching a movie on my tablet. The Roam features a proprietary Noise Equalization Technology and a Acoustic Engine App that allows you to personalize and set your listening preferences through a 5-band equalizer. If you don’t like Roam’s included selection of audio pre-sets (Jazz, Rock, Hip hop, Classical, etc) you can create your own saved pre-sets. Not only does the Roam provide an optimal audio experience, it’s packed in a completely unique sophisticated design.

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