The Dude Cobra Quick Release Belt


Defy all odds with The Dude Cobra Quick Release Belt. If you need an additional safety line this winter,  than you might want to wrap the Dude around your waist (well, doesn’t that sound a little awkward?). The Dude by Defy comes from a family with strong roots, Defy has some dope bags that are worth checking out that employ the same level of quality as this seriously kick-ass 2,000lb load-bearing special-forces tough AustriAlpin Cobra Quick Release buckle. Some might think that’s overkill, as Defy writes, “unless you’re special forces you probably don’t need it”, but we like nice belts that take a beating and keep on tickin’. After all, you never know when you’ll need to hang up your 200lb catch of the day! Made in the USA, this hand-crafted beaut’ is manufactured out of Military spec webbing, military grade stitching, velcro, and of course that sweet solid steel & brass buckle.

Pick yours up from Defy’s online store.