Travelteq x Tenue de Nimes ‘Trash’ laptop bag


Introducing the Travelteq x Tenue de Nimes ‘Trash’ laptop bag, a bag you won’t want to throw out anytime soon, or quite possibly ever! Back packs are nice and all, but sometimes they just don’t cut the urban professional lifestyle. After all, how many times do you show up to a meeting with your backpack over your shoulder, ready to be taken seriously? In some cases it’s OK, but if you want to impress than the ‘Trash” laptop bag has your back. Handmade in Italy, this co-branded  bag combines great looks with interesting materials, rivaling some of sexiest Italian products out there. Made with Florentine Vacchetta leather, it is paired with Japanese selvage denim, a raw worker material that plays off of the best of both worlds. The bags design comes with 8 compartments, three zipped, a handy cigar one and of course one for your laptop. It’s unfortunately limited to thirty pieces, but that’s what you get for a serious 21st century carrier of your soul.

Available in two versions, leather with denim accents or the exact opposite, you can purchase yours at Tenue de Nîmes’ online store.