The New Primal Jerky


Introducing The New Primal Jerky, a natural evolution that is about to take over. Whether we’re on the trail or at home, one thing is for sure, we’re always looking for some good snacking material. Of course there is junk food but seriously, junk food can only go so far. The natural evolution would be to fill that hunger gap with some Primal Jerky. Made using 100% natural ingredients that begins with pasture raised grass feed beef and free range turkey that are all free of crappy chemicals (no nitrates, preservatives or MSG). The New Primal Jerky is 100% natural and smoked to perfection and sweetened with pineapple juice, honey, and topped off with infused hints of onion, pepper, and ginger.  As primal goes, it’s what’s inside that counts, and if you’re a modern hunter-gather like ourselves, that than look no further to fulfill your appetite.

Go Primal and order yours via The New Primal’s online store or via Amazon.