Titanium Spatula Set


The Titanium Spatula Set by Draper knives will flip your cooking world upside down. I must admit, I have my favorite cooking tools like my Masakage Kiri Nakiri vegetable knife, and my stainless steel cooking pots, so when I can add something as sleek as this unassuming titanium spatula set to the fold, my cooking experience is enhanced. Handmade in the USA (Wyoming) by Mike Draper, he uses titanium for the head/handle, and stainless steel screws.  Draper takes full advantage of the low heat conductivity of this strong and flexible material to create this under-appreciated tool. Besides the fact that it’s one strong tool, the mini makes a perfect back-country champion that can be easily thrown in your pack ready for your next culinary adventure.

Sold separately or as a set, order yours from Eatingtools online store.