Trango Shark Nut Tool


The Trango Shark Nut Tool takes a bite out of two common climbing tools. For the most part everyone can agree that the job is done best with one specialized tool, however, when the situation arises you reach for the the next best thing. Trango has come up with a sleek knife and nut tool combo that brings together two common climbing must-haves. Machined from surgical 440-C Stainless Steel, it combines a sleek curved handle with a razor sharp serrated blade ready to cut through anything that gets in your way. The knife features a locking blade that can easy be opened and closed with one hand, and is next to impossible to open when clipped to your carabiner. It might not be the lightest on the block, but this clever and handy combination does away with unnecessary bulk, especially when the climb calls for an all or nothing attitude.

Available at Amazon, or directly from Trango.