Shackleton Old-Time Series Banjo


Introducing the one and only Shackleton Old-Time Series Banjo. Made in Britain’s only Banjo factor, Shackleton has been manufacturing these stunning instruments for over 60 years. Finished in either Danish oil or French Polish, these banjos are sure to impress around the campfire. The old time series respects the past while offering some contemporary options such as a left-handed version, 19 fret four string tenor version, and all banjos come with a 6-year transferable warranty. Choose from the old-time edwardian featuring one of my fav’s rosewood, old-time blonde (no jokes) made from maple, or the old-time deluxe made from American black walnut. Each banjo in the series is uniquely detailed, and are begging to be played.

Pick between one of these fine instruments at Shackleton’s online store.