Deus XJR-X Kit

Keep the dream alive with the Deus XJR-X Kit. Your custom XJR project just got a rush of adrenaline thanks to the amazing Deus team.

This project began when Deus Ex Machina was invited by Yamaha to create the next Yard Built special using the XJR1300 with the aim of offering the results as a pre-packaged kit. Drawing inspiration from the late 70’s and 80’s, when the looks were lean and the bikes were crafted for the single purpose of winning races. The XJR is no slouch by any standard, but it’s hiding all that muscle behind layers of unnecessary bodywork. The Deus team stripped everything down, and started the long drawn out process of perfecting this unmistakable aggressive design.

The XJR-X kit includes a hand crafted aluminum tank, handmade cowl, handmade side covers, aluminum front fender, custom made two seat suede leather saddle, full SC-Project exhaust, and many other additions. For the keen builders you can also get the Discacciati for Deus braking system, Marvic Magnesium Wheels and the Ohlins Traditional Fork.

Check out the Deus site for more details and pricing.

Deus Ex Machina XJR-X KitDeus Ex Machina XJR-X KitDeus Ex Machina XJR-X KitDeus Ex Machina XJR-X KitDeus Ex Machina XJR-X Kit