Blackburn Wayside Multi-Tool


Nothing gets in the way of the Blackburn Wayside Multi-Tool. Just when you thought you’ve brought the right tool for the job, your bike decides to throw a wrench into your plans. There have been plenty of times when we’ve fixed our bike on the trail, and it sometimes feels like we’re trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. Not anymore, the geniuses at Blackburn have created the Wayside Multi-tool to include individual hex keys that feature a ball end. Included with the 5 sized hex keys are 14 other carefully thought out optimized tools such as locking serrated knife blade, chain tool with chain hook, disc brake spreader, 8mm hex, torx keys, spoke wrenches, presta valve core tool, and a flat head screwdriver. Weighing in at 200grams, Blackburn has challenged tradition by creating a tool that will change your trail side maintenance for life.

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