EKA Viking Combi Compact Saw


Sawing comes easy with the EKA Viking Combi Compact Saw. Whatever the outdoor adventure, whether it involves backcountry camping, off-roading or hunting, there is nothing like having a tool that does many jobs right. The Viking Combi Compact Saw by EVA is just that. Made in Sweden, the combi-saw folds up into a nice neat package that can be safely stored in small locations like your pack, or your emergency storage compartment. Besides being compact, the saw has been designed to be lightweight, weighing in at 12.7ounces. Not bad considering it comes with 3 different saw blades (metal, wood and meat ) that are integrated into the saw handle. Available in 17″ and 21″ blade size, this compact cutter is ready at a moments notice giving you the cutting edge in keeping your adventure moving along.

Available in orange, green, raw or black get yours from Amazon.