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Vans Kirkman Shirt Jacket


You don’t have to surf or ride a board to appreciate this Vans Kirkman Shirt Jacket. This cotton-constructed jacket features a herringbone flannel pattern with a chest pocket and button sleeve cuffs. This classic-fit jacket is perfect for layering, especially when the mornings are chilly, and the afternoons are warm. At this affordable price-point, you can save your money and put it towards that Bandit9 Ava Honda Supersport you’ve dreamed of. Many people don’t realize that Vans has been around since 1966, and has influenced not only skate and surf culture, but also music, film, and street culture. We still remember our first pair of Canvas Vans shoes, they became a staple at all-ages shows, and saw their fair share of wipe-outs while we learned to skate. It’s nice to know Vans still appeals to us 30 years later.

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