Smallfish Fly Fishing Nets


The art of fly fishing captured with the Smallfish Fly Fishing Nets. If you’re an angler of any kind it’s common knowledge that fly fishing takes skill and patience, but when mastered, it’s an art form. Like the sport, great gear can also be an art form. Leave it to Smallfish to go above and beyond a typical net design. Small Fish have done a beautiful job in adapting Japanese Tenkara style with modern day fly fishing catch and release nets leaving you with an exceptional and unique net. Influenced by Tenkura fishing nets, Smallfish designs each net with a high level of form and function utilizing organic shapes and sizes that suit both fly fisher and spin fisherman alike. Hand crafted using a variety of woods such as maple, walnut, and hickory, each net is a collaboration of nature and design. To top it off, if you have something in mind (for example, a type of wood or a variety branch), Smallfish will work with you on creating exactly what you need.

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