So iLL Original Rock Climbing Footwear


Vintage inspired functionality climbs its way to the top with the So iLL Original Rock Climbing Footwear. Who says that you can’t be a climber and be stylish as well? Many times people associate climbers as carefree souls that don’t let trends or fashion dictate which path they take. But as we all know, when you look good, and the gear performs as good as it looks than why not? So ill, who has a dedicated history in the climbing community, began the journey into rock climbing performance Footwear. Inspired by vintage running shoes, retro soccer shoes, and bowling shoes, So iLL has pored countless hours and over 3-years into more than 150 prototypes to develop one of the best looking climbing shoe we’ve seen to date. The shoes were made from outsole rubber that was original developed for the Navy Seals and their rugged approaches, exceeding every standard and then some. There are 6 designs in the collection, the Runner, the Runner (LV), the Street, the Bowler, the Kick, and the Kick (LV). With a combination of premium materials, features like padded tongue, breathable mesh upper, and ultra think rand,  they fit beginners to experts. If the shoe fits and looks damn good while doing it, than wear it!

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