Effeffe Berlinetta


The Effeffe Berlinetta is one pure Italian masterpiece. If most modern car design doesn’t do it for you, sit back and hold on tight because you’re in for one heck of a ride. As we all know modern day cars have come a long way, but with advancement comes a whole lot of passionless expressionism. That is not the case with the The Effeffe Berlinetta by Frotelli Figerio. Passion, strong personality, charm plus the idea of 50’s inspired road worthy cafe racer were the prime motivating factors in the creation of this ‘dream car’. Made with minimal options such as Jaeger tachometer, Mahogany/aluminum Nardi steering wheel, a true reproduction Alf Romeo GTA shift knob (no paddles here), soft leather bucket seats/dashboards and pure wool floor carpets (to name a few); no detail was over looked resulting in a genuine drivers car with no frivolous flourishes. The frame, a welded steel tube construction sits on an independent front suspension and a rigid axle rear. Powered by an all aluminum Alfa Romeo straight four 180 hp engine makes this 790kg Italian dream an true legendary stroke of genius.

Experience the masterpiece for yourself here.