Readyman Tool Cards


It’s all about survival of the fittest with the ReadyMan Tool Cards. ReadyMan, a community founded by a group of US Special Operations veterans and skilled outdoorsman use everything in their tool kit to create five custom innovative tool cards. The first is the Wilderness Survival Card. It features some of the most imperative survival tools such as fishhooks (9), arrows, snare locks, awl, sewing needles (2), tweezers and a saw blade. The second is the ReadyMan Medic Card. The Medic Card contains all the right tools like tweezers (2), needles (2 straight and 2 hook), bandage cloth clips (3), safety pins (6), serrated blade (2) tick fork/nail scraper and finally one file. Next in the group is the ReadyMan Fishermans Survival Card. The Fisherman’s Survival Card is made of a slightly thicker steel that includes single hooks (9), double hooks (3), treble hook, quad hook, 5 different lures, fish scaler and saw. The fourth card in the ReadyMan’s hand is the the Hostage Escape Card. This card contains  a handcuff shim, rake, tension wrench, and a saw; all the things to keeping you free as a bird. Last but not least (the ace up your sleeve) is the ReadyMan EVAC Card. This smart tool, includes a jiggle key, large rake, small rake, finger pick, and tension wrench was designed to assist in acquiring a vehicle in case of an emergency. 100% American made out of 301 stainless steel, they measure 2″x 3.5″ and weigh in at a measly 10-12grams, making them easily stored away without even knowing they’re there. Our spirit to survive is one thing, but without the proper tools, your chance is next to none. With the right tools like the time tested ReadyMan Tool Card set gives you all the right tools to succeed when your life is on the line.

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1. ReadyMan Wilderness Survival Card
2. ReadyMan Medic Card
3. ReadyMan Fishermans Survival Card
4. ReadyMan Hostage Escape Card
5. ReadyMan  EVAC Card.