Snowmen Speaker Set


They’ll be no sign of any white noise this summer with the Snowmen Speaker Set. There are tons and tons of rectangle speaker sets out there but are they as good as they could be? Dirk Vander Kooij, with the help of high-end speaker engineer Henkjan Netjes (and one mighty industrial robot) have designed a masterful technically advanced speaker. Form follows function is the primary instrument in the design of the Snowmen Speaker Set. The end result is clear and crisp sound that is oblivious to all that the 12″ sub woofer has to deliver. The robot takes 5hrs to sculpt a 40mm thick, 45kg monster of a speaker box out of reinforced reclaimed plastics. The ball (egg shaped) design combined with ribbon like rough texture not only gives it one wicked contemporary look, it naturally spreads the sound and eliminates any standing waves. All together the Snowmen Speaker Set is as impressive a speaker as they come leaving a full on snowball effect on how intelligent design can play on sound design.

Available directly from Dirk Vander Kooi Studio.