ORCA Pod Cooler


The ORCA Pod Cooler has a massive appetite for all things cold. As with any kind of outdoor lifestyle, we all know that the best places are not directly at your feet and require a little bit of a trudge to reach. Orca Coolers, known for their incredible toughness, have come up with the ORCA Pod Cooler, a convenient way to transport ice cold goods. The padded shoulder straps, plus an across-chest adjustable T-strap, allow you to carry up to 59.5 pounds comfortably. The outer is made from Spec-Ops 840 Denier double textile, and the inner is Spec-Ops 210 Denier double TPU (FDA food grade, BPA-free textile). The OCRA Pod cooler is insulated with a 28mm thick layer of tough Meta polymer closed cell foam. Add Ultrasonic RF Welding construction (a construction process used for white water craft) a 7.13 Gallons/28.5 Quarts capacity, an easy accessible flip top with a German Tizip zipper and voila, you have one cool space large enough to quench your appetite for all things cold.

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