Hunters Hatchet


The Hunter’s Hatchet is a prime cut above the rest. If you’re a hunter or an outdoorsman you know the benefits of good functional tools. Sparrow Gear started in 2001 with a dedication to understanding the history behind the tool itself and why each tool was created the way it was. With his passion for metalsmithing and woodworking, founder Matt Moline has developed some serious kick ass axes. The Hunter’s Hatchet, our fav, was developed to be a hunter’s best friend. After countless hours in the prototype/design stage the Hunter’s Hatchet was born. Lightweight and small, it’s the ideal size to carry in your pack or on your belt, and perfect for everything from quartering a large game animal to splitting small sticks for a fire. Hand hammered from a mild steel body, the axe head is combined with a 1095 high carbon bit and fire welded together, then finished off with the initials of the maker. The handle is hand carved hickory and features a rugged charred finish that is truly a thing of beauty. The Hunter’s Hatchet is an incredible design that proves that with enough thought and care, great things will always prevail.

Order yours directly from Sparrow Gear or via their Etsy page.