Super Shovel


Dig yourself out of any hole with the Super Shovel by Krazy Beaver Tools. As crazy as Mother Nature can be (she can be as unpredictable as a super ball lottery) she’s taught many outdoor enthusiasts to be prepared. Enter the Super Shovel, an off road digging specialist, that chomps through some of the hardest terrain going. Made in the USA, the head is manufactured from heavy duty, 13 gauge, heat-treated, powder coated tempered steel that is brutally strong (twice as thick as the average joe blow shovel). The Super Shovel features durable reinforced teeth, perfect for digging in conditions like clay and the dreaded ice, making sure you don’t end up with a toothless grin. Attached to the end of the extremely strong lightweight fiberglass handle is a D grip with a built-in hollow section perfect for storing emergency items like matches, flint and hooks. Made in the USA, the Super Shovel by Krazy Beaver is a true meat and potatoes kind of tool that will dig its way out of any situation.

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