Nitecore EC4S Flashlight


The Nitecore EC4S Flashlight casts a bright light on innovative design. Over the years, the flashlight has been a pretty standard issue design and construction. Blazing a new path in flashlight design is the Nitecore EC4S Flashlight. Made from an impressive die-cast unibody aluminum alloy construction, the injection moulded flashlight body is 200% stronger than an ordinary 3-piece flashlight. Along with strength, the die-cast body is extremely lightweight – 30% lighter than similar competitors. The high density 18650 batteries feature a 325hour max runtime, and since the batteries sit next to each other, this makes theEC4S compact as all hell. The Nitecore EC4S includes many more impressive features such as high efficient cooling performance, streamlined ergonomic shape, low battery notification, tripod connectivity and it’s waterproof (IPX-8). Last but not least, the EC4S has an amazing 2150 lumens capability on turbo mode and is impact resistant up to 1.5 meters. A wicked feature set like this makes the Nitecore EC4S an industry leader, lighting the way for the explorer in all of us.

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