Rollholz Skateboard


Keep on truckin’ with the Rollholz Skateboard. No matter where you are cruising this summer, the Rollholz Skateboard will be there for ya. If you’re a traveling fool like some of us crave to be, packing your board hasn’t always been an option. That’s where the Rollholz Skateboard comes in. Designed by Tom Wilhelm, the Rollholz Skateboard is a sleek compact board on wheels (when compared to conventional rigs) that is set up with larger plush wheels and softer axles. Based on iconic old school 70’s boards, the Rollholz is handmade from walnut, ash, or a wood of your choice, and can be ordered in natural, white , turquoise, red and marble. The Rollholz Skateboard are some serious sick boards that bring new meaning to catch you on the flip side! Yes, you won’t be performing any killer tricks (or maybe you will) but it’s seriously worth it when your board is your life.

Order yours via Tom Wilhelm’s Etsy Store.