Lezyne Micro HP Floor Pump


All air and no drawbacks with the Lezyne Micro HP Floor Pump. Just last weekend I was out for a ride and my tires were low on air. If I was smart I would have checked them before I left, but I raced out the door to meet my buddy on the hill. Once there, the pump I brought didn’t work and I had to borrow my friends hand pump. Man do I ever hate hand pumps, it’s like an extra workout without the fun.  In walks the Lezyne Micro Floor Pump. This little rocket of a floor pump enables floor pump function in a super compact size. The barrel, piston, base, and handle are made from a custom machined aluminum. Other features include a stainless steel foot peg, long versatile hose, integrated pressure gauge and an ABS flip-thread chuck. As powerful (outputs a powerful max pressure of 160 PSI) as the Lezyne Micro Floor pump, the pump weights a measly 150 grams (not the lightest out there), but all things considered, next time on the trail, I’ll take a few extra grams over other pumps that lack.

Available with or without HPG get yours at Amazon or