Nesmuk Janus Folder

Meet the Nesmuk Janus, a pocket knife born with sophistication and class. Not your typical bushwhacking knife, the Janus is an ultra-minimal revolution to the traditional folding knife. The Janus is crafted with a highly specialized steel alloy that contains elements of niobium to resist corrosion and increase strength, while the matte black coating contains diamond-like carbon to improve cutting performance and reduce scratches. Each blade is made without rivets or screws and finished with a high-gloss ergonomic handle. By all means, it’s not for the backcountry, but it makes for the perfect companion around the office or home.

Available in six colors directly from Nesmuk.

Nesmuk Janus FolderNesmuk Janus FolderNesmuk Janus FolderNesmuk Janus Folder