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Arco Deskbox


If space is an issue, the Deskbox has you covered. As our lives get more complicated, we often overlook the fact that the simpler ideas are…

Henri Stool by Alexandre Reignier

Henri Stool

Combine the Nelson Bench and Japanese furniture design and you get the Henri Stool. There’s nothing complex or overdone about the Henri Stool,…

Logpile Coffee Table

Logpile Coffee Table

The Logpile Coffee Table has taken shape using multi-dimensional wood. Inspiration can come from many forms, and in the Logpile Coffee Table, it…

Grain Audio Earphones and Speaker

Grain Audio

Grain Audio lets you focus on the things that matter, pure sound and premium design. No gimmicks here, Grain Audio is dedicated to…

Sanborn Canoe Paddles

Sanborn Canoe Paddles

Paddle in style with Sanborn Canoe hand painted paddles. Not only are they hand painted, these paddles are hand-crafted by laminating combinations of…



Introducing personalized wood artwork from Photocarver. At first glance these amazing pieces look like black and white posters, but after closer examination you’ll…