Mercury Kayak

Point 65 Mercury Kayak

The open waters just got a whole lot easier to get to with the new Mercury Kayak by Point 65. My first experience with kayaking began in Costa Rica, and there was nothing like being on the open water touring around and visiting secluded white sand beaches at sunset. Being land-locked like we are, transporting touring kayaks is hard to say the least. Point 65 have made the transportation experience a whole lot easier. The Mercury kayak can be assembled as easy as 1,2,3. Simply insert the straps into the connectors, and snap and tap and viola!  This high performance stable-decked touring kayak is ready to roll. With its large cockpit, you can store precious gear and its design creates a comfortable, stable, straight-tracking kayak. Once your adventure is done, simply unsnap, place the nose into the front cockpit, and this 13’7 long tandem touring machine can be packed away in the back or your vehicle, or stored easily under the bed when space is a premium. Get your hands on one here.