Rise Lounge Chair & Ottoman by Edwin Blue

Edwin Blue Rise Lounge Chair &Ottoman

Just in time for the lazy days of summer! Searching for modern outdoor furniture is a tough task, and rarely do we find products that stop us in our tracks like the Rise Lounge Chair & Ottoman by Edwin Blue. I must say, the lounge chair and Ottoman are wonderful masterpieces. Edwin Blue has managed to create a low and comfortably wide lounge chair that flows seamlessly together. Materials like black walnut, oak and sycamore are locally sourced, VOC Free, and any tropical hardwood such as FSC-certified machiche. We appreciate it when companies place a high value on the environment, use locally sourced materials, and hand-craft in house. Their choice of products and manufacturing processes express their values, which is just as important as selling it. We feel that Edwin Blue has succeeded in re-establishing the US as a leader in hand-crafted heirloom furniture.