Sort of Coal

Bincho by Sort of Coal

Clean isn’t the first thing that pops into our mind when you think of charcoal. Well, think again. Sort of Coal has taken century-old practices and produced some of the best air, water and body purifying materials available. The “white charcoal”(rolled in white ash, temporarily giving it a white appearance) is used to produce their products which comes from specifically selected slow growing, hard wood trees. Don’t worry, no deforestation here; only the tree branches are harvested by craftsman in a way that encourages growth. This natural material has the unique ability to attract, absorb and encapsulate harmful toxins, such as fertilizers. The use of charcoal is typically hidden, but this pioneering Danish company embodies its natural beauty for this century old extraordinary material; all while taking the environment into consideration. One item that specifically caught our eye was the Bincho, a hand-crafted water bottle paired together with white charcoal. We could definitely see this on our dinning table, what a conversation piece! Sort of Coal have utilized traditional Japanese craftsmanship, creating contemporary functional Danish design that begs to be shown off.