Bola Service Table

Bola Service Table - LumberJac

Say hello to the Bola Service Table, one ping-pong table you won’t be folding away. Who would have thought a ping-pong table could look this good? Leave it to industrial designer Antoni Palleja from Barcelona to step up to the plate. The Bola Service Table is an ultra minimal white-on-white ping-pong table that doubles as a large dining table thanks to the removable net. It may not be a competition sized ping-ping table, but if you play at that level you probably don’t have room for another table. This table features a steel frame, hidden drawer storage unit, and is made with a compact high-pressure laminate tabletop and wood legs. I don’t know if I’ll be using this for my main dining table, but it is perfect for the rec room or the office. Like the designer, this table comes from Spain. Available at the DWR online store.