Lockitron - Lumberjac

Leave your keys at home when you have the Lockitron installed. The Lockitron is a keyless locking system that allows for wireless entry using your phone. Simply mount over your existing deadbolt system, sign-in, and you’re ready to go. Works with virtually every cell phone (even text messaging), and if you’re up-to-date using bluetooth 4 technology, your door will automatically unlock upon close proximity. No more fumbling for your phone! The Lockitron lets you instantly share access with family, friends, and anyone within your network. It even notifies you when the door has been unlocked or locked, and if someone has knocked on your door thanks to a built-in knock detection system. Hacking is a concern, but it you trust your online banking system, you’ll trust Lockitron as it utilizes the same encryption protocol. Preorder yours here.