Ural Gear Up Motorcycle

2014 Ural Gear Up Motorcycle - LumberJac

The AK-47 has nothing on the new 2014 Ural Gear Up Motorcycle. If you’re in the market for a utility bike with a rich military history and is as tough as nails, than look no further. The Ural 2014 lineup comes with a host of new improvements such as 3 wheel Brembos disc brakes on the  front and side car, and Hayes in the rear.  The lineup also boasts increased power through fuel injection, and an off-road proven 18-position hydraulic damper. The Ural Gear Up is one awesome looking bike. Not many bikes (none that I can think of), has the capability to jump off-road, tackle outdoor obstacles with its 2wd, and have room for all your gear.

Find out more at Ural’s website.