The Beast Electric Bike

Off-road made easy with Daymak’s electric bike. Completely street legal, the street is probably the last place you’ll be riding the Beast. Designed and crafted for rough trail terrain or the backcountry where trails become non-existent. This power-assist electric bike is far from a conventional bicycle, and more of an ATV work horse. Depending on the model, you will get a range between 25-30km with a top speed of 25-50 kms/hr. There’s no denying this bike is truly a Beast with a weight of 260 lbs, and a max payload of 350 lbs. Built tough and made to last, the Beast also features a battery trickle charger, avoiding the #1 problem with conventional ebikes… battery failure. Speaking of batteries, the Beast hosts a 60V/20AH Lithium with a charge time of 4-6 hours. For added juice, these batteries are fully enclosed in Solar panels giving the battery a re-charge of 10km per 8 hours of ambient light. Regardless your adventure, these Made-in-Canada bikes will gladly take on the challenge.

Choose from four models and available directly from Daymak.

Daymak’s Beast Electric BikeDaymak’s Beast Electric Bike