Dub-Box Camper Trailer

Dub-Box Camper Trailer - LumberJac

For all you Westfalia fans, check out the Dub-Box Camper Trailer. Rest assured no VWs were harmed in the process of making the Dub-Boxes, these campers are made from 100% new fiberglass shells, and are customizable to your needs. I’m still blown away at the options for hip campers like the Dub-Box. Aside from the fact these campers will actually suit your style, and you’ll actually be proud hauling it behind your current vehicle. No need to buy that half-ton truck, the Dub-Box is light enough to be pulled by most mid-sized vehicles. Designed and made in Portland, Oregon to suit your lifestyle, the Dub-Box can be customized for every weekend get away, surf shack, or for your next business of a food truck. Insulated for year-round use, and includes all the necessary amenities you’ll need on your next adventure.

Check out the Dub-Box site for more info.

Dub-Box Camper Trailer Detail - LumberJac